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Selena Gomez Interview With M6!

*Please note that we do not have the entire interview that Selena did with M6 France just apart of it. We have a translation. Tumblr user “selenarauhls gave us this translation on what Selena said about her song ‘Love will Remember’ and a few other things the interviewer asked her.*

Interviewer: Did you dedicate your album to Justin Bieber?

Selena: I don’t know if i would necessarily dedicate it, but no of course that was a very important time in my life and there is a song on the album that we did, its a beautiful *pauses*, its not too detailed but its enough said.

Interviewer: What’s the title of the song?

Selena: The title is ‘Love Will Remember’

Interviewer: How is Justin Bieber?

Selena: Great!

*SMG-News asked selenarauhls a question as well.*

SMG-News: Did Selena say she wrote ‘Love Will Remember’ with Justin Bieber or did she say that she wrote it for him?

selenarauhls: Yes, what she said that it’s about him, but nowhere did she say she wrote it with him so I’m confused about why everyone is saying that. Yes she said that she didn’t dedicate the album, but that song. I watched it a few more times and I’m completely sure she never said anything about writing it with him!

selenarauhls: That’s what is said, i didn’t put specific words since I’m not 100% fluent, but that’s what he [interviewer] and she [Selena] said! :).  

*SMG-News would like to thank “selenarauhls” for taking the time to translate apart of Selena’s interview with M6 for us!*

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Selena Gomez interview on M6 (LE 19.45)

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+ ‏@knoowles: @selenagomezfr_ SELENA DEVANT LES STUDIOS DE M6 

Selena outside the studios of M6

‏@knoowles: @selenagomezfr_ SELENA DEVANT LES STUDIOS DE M6 

Selena outside the studios of M6

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